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Gorgeous Curb Appeal in Winter

Gorgeous Curb Appeal in Winter

If you are staging your home in Winter and not sure what you can do to create curb appeal, why not try a gorgeous outdoor planter?  They are easy to make and look Great!  You don’t need to spend a fortune and you can make it yourself.  Listed below are some outdoor planters I found and some have instructions.  Enjoy!

Curb Appeal

I love this planter because you can create it in the fall.  Just remove the Christmas Ornaments and then add back in a week or two before Christmas.

You can also create this Planter in the Fall. Just remove again, the Christmas Ornaments then redecorate a week or two before Christmas and add a Red Ribbon to create a more ‘Festive Look’

I especially like this last planter as it can be used for fall both Fall and Christmas.

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